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How It All Began

The Genesis of Mitchell Wood Products

In 2016, Tess and Jasper channeled their passion into taking over Mitchell Wood Products which was originally founded by Jasper’s grandfather. From grandfather, to father and then to son. This venture marked the beginning of a journey in offering high-end, custom cut timbers and beams. Jasper and Tess had a vision and their commitment to quality and excellence saw Mitchell Wood Products transition from traditional sawmilling techniques to acquiring a band sawmill in 2017, and later, a revolutionary vacuum kiln.

Crafting More than Wood

At Mitchell Wood Products, every piece of timber tells a story of responsible business practices and quality. Tess and Jasper’s vision extends beyond the wood – they aspire to build lasting relationships in the Valley and beyond, with a focus on enhancing community ties and fostering a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mitchell Wood Products is to leverage our expertise and cutting-edge milling technology to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and quality in every product. From kiln-dried lumber to finished pieces and comprehensive timber packages, we ensure every client’s unique vision is realized with excellence

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice for contractors and clients alike, renowned for our quality, reliability, and dedication to excellence in every project.

Our Values

Commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation drives us. We believe in the power of collaboration, striving for excellence in every piece we craft, and ensuring that our work reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Our History

Family owned and ran since the 1930’s. Robyn (Bob) Mitchell first had a movable sawmill in the early 1930’s that was used for the sole purpose of milling timbers into railroad ties, which were sold to Canadian Pacific Railway. When Bob retired (time to attend to his chickens, cattle, christmas trees and trap line), his son Owen took over the sawmill. Since 2000 Owen ran the mill under Owen Mitchell Enterprises and his son Jasper worked with him from time to time when he was not working as a journeyman welder. After 12 years of working together, Jasper purchased the mill from Owen in 2016 and is now a third generation owner, running the mill under Mitchell Wood Products.

a commitment to quality that spans generations

crafting excellence for your unique vision with high quality wood products

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More About Us

Wood Products with Expertise and Passion

Our journey in wood products is fueled by deep expertise and a genuine passion for woodworking. We aim to deliver not just wood but solutions that embody craftsmanship and care, ensuring each project’s success and client satisfaction.

Our Processes

How We Work

Our process at Mitchell Wood Products is built around understanding and fulfilling our clients’ needs with precision and care. From selecting the perfect wood to the final delivery, we ensure every step reflects our commitment to quality and excellence, making our clients’ visions a reality.