Benefits Of Vacuum Drying Opposed To Conventional Kiln Drying

Quality of the lumber Our iDRY Super Vacuum Kiln utilizes a continuous vacuum to dry by lowering the temperature at which water boils (evaporates) while heating with circulated hot air. Unlike dehumidification kilns or solar kilns, our iDRY Kiln dries at a low temperature. This results in less stressed lumber, with better colour retention and […]

Vacuum Kiln

A vacuum kiln, such as our iDRY system, operates on the principle of creating a controlled environment where the pressure is reduced below atmospheric levels. This vacuum environment facilitates faster and more efficient drying of wood compared to traditional kilns. Here’s how it works: Initial Loading: The wood to be dried is loaded into the […]

Wood Sterilization

In traditional dehumidification kilns, a dedicated sterilization cycle is often skipped. Wood may be kiln-dried, but this doesn’t ensure sterilization, as most cycles max out at 120 degrees, inadequate for proper sterilization. Sterilization requires extra effort, time, and costs. When getting wood from other sources, ask about their sterilization methods, though you might get puzzled […]

The Essential Element of Connection in Business Dynamics

In the realm of business, the power of connection transcends mere transactions, embedding itself as a cornerstone of enduring success and growth. This intrinsic value of connection manifests across various dimensions—from the profound relationships businesses cultivate with their clients to the synergistic partnerships they forge with other entities and the cohesive bonds they nurture within […]

The Value of Partnering with a Family-Owned Business for Custom Woodworking Solutions

Choosing a family-owned business for your woodworking needs brings a unique set of advantages that can significantly benefit contractors, designers, and wood milling companies. Such businesses, grounded in generations of expertise, offer unparalleled customization options, ensuring that every project reflects the client’s vision down to the smallest detail. This level of personalization is matched by […]

The Essential Guide to Kiln Drying: Why It’s Crucial for Your Wood Projects

Kiln drying stands as a cornerstone in woodworking, pivotal for ensuring the longevity, stability, and beauty of wood. This process meticulously reduces wood’s moisture content to optimal levels, preventing the adverse effects associated with green wood, such as bending, warping, and cracking. Beyond moisture reduction, kiln drying enhances wood’s workability and stability, making it suitable […]