Benefits Of Vacuum Drying Opposed To Conventional Kiln Drying

Quality of the lumber
Our iDRY Super Vacuum Kiln utilizes a continuous vacuum to dry by lowering the temperature at which water boils (evaporates) while heating with circulated hot air. Unlike dehumidification kilns or solar kilns, our iDRY Kiln dries at a low temperature. This results in less stressed lumber, with better colour retention and less warping and checking over time.

5 times faster!
By drying in a partial vacuum environment, the moisture trapped inside the wood evaporates at a lower boiling point. This innovative approach accelerates the drying time without subjecting the wood to the harsh conditions associated with conventional high-temperature kiln drying techniques. Due to this new technology, the drying time of the wood is accelerated from months and years to weeks – without harming your live edge slabs or lumber. With no quality loss in the final and dried wood product, we guarantee exceptional results!

Setting the pitch
Pitch bleeding, or resin exudation, is a common issue primarily observed in softwood species, notably various pine species and Douglas-fir, prevalent within North America. This problem arises due to the higher resin content inherent in these species, especially since they are frequently utilized in appearance grade applications. The resin, existing naturally in a semi-liquid state within the wood, can migrate to the surface under specific environmental conditions, particularly when exposed to heat.
Setting the pitch is most important, especially for wood intended for exposed interior use. Think of exposed timbers and beams in a house or fine woodworking projects like custom tables or cabinets. Bigger material typically requires extended time in the kiln, a process that doesn’t always meet the timelines. However, for woodworkers seeking to solely set the pitch, our vacuum kiln offers a swift solution, accomplishing this task within days.

Steralization of the wood
In conventional kilns, the crucial step of sterilization is often overlooked, leaving wood vulnerable to insect infestation. Wood may be kiln-dried, but this doesn’t ensure sterilization. Even with prolonged air drying, wood stays unsterilized. Due to insects’ lengthy incubation periods, absence of visible pests in air-dried wood upon purchase doesn’t guarantee their absence. However, our vacuum kiln offers a comprehensive solution by maintaining a minimal moisture difference between the shell and core of the wood, our system ensures thorough sterilization, eliminating pests and guaranteeing the production of high-quality lumber.